Stock Photos

canon camera used for stock photos
Stock Image Copyright Garry Mordor/

As well as offering my photography services professionally for clients, I also sell a great deal of my own photos online as stock photos. This allows them to be sold around the world for both commercial and editorial use, to companies and individuals who need stock photos for marketing or illustrative purposes. My work is represented by both Alamy and Shutterstock. I have selected a few of my personal favourites in the gallery below (click to enlarge), but if you would like to browse one of my full portfolios, then please click the button below the gallery which will take you straight to it. Please feel free to buy any of my stock photos for your own use. I am continually adding more and more photos for sale!

Please note: Clicking on the link below to my Alamy portfolio, will take you to the ‘Non-Commercial’ section. Here, you can browse through and buy any of my images, but they are mostly for personal, or editorial use only. If you would like to buy any of my images for commercial use, then please select the ‘Commercial’ section of my portfolio. In this section you will find the images that can be used commercially because they either do not need releases (permissions), or because I have secured the releases.

I also sell some of my photos as canvas prints and other gift/home-decor items. These are available to purchase through the Shop and Pug Gifts pages of my website. If you would like me to make any other prints from my portfolios into a canvas or other gift item for you or for someone else, then please get in touch 🙂

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