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Reiki (pronounced “Ray-Key”), is a complementary therapy of Japanese origin.

It involves the Practitioner or Master using symbols to channel the ‘Universal Energy’ that surrounds us, through their body and hands, into the energy fields (also known as ‘Chakras’ and ‘Auras’) of the client. This helps to re-balance them, as daily life can easily deplete our energy, leading to them becoming in-balanced or blocked, which in turn can lead to physical and emotional issues.

Reiki is safe, promotes natural healing and deep relaxation, and aids with both physical and mental/emotional problems, whilst helping the person to feel much calmer and in control of their thoughts and actions. It is an ‘intelligent’ energy that works with the ‘higher-self’ of the client/receiver, therefore the energy goes where it is needed for their ‘highest and greatest good.

I trained in Reiki back in 2013 completing Levels 1 and 2, as well as Animal and Equine Reiki. Then in March 2019 I completed my ‘Master Healer’ training. I have found Reiki has helped me a great deal with the acceleration of healing I needed to do on both a mental and emotional level, as well as helping me with stress levels, and providing me with both greater positivity and clarity of mind. It also strengthened my spiritual connections and I now call upon my spiritual guides to help me perform the Reiki treatments.

Some health benefits of Reiki:

Can help with pain management

Can help reduce depression and anxiety

Helpful in gradually altering a negative mindset to a positive one

Relaxes and therefore can reduce stress

May improve sleep

Assists body with clearing toxins

Helps spiritual growth and emotional healing

Can improve focus and clarity of mind

….and many more!

reiki treatment table
My Reiki treatment table

Reiki with Sound

In addition, I can also use some sound healing instruments to complement the Reiki, as they too help to re-balance energy fields but in a different way. I attended a course on sound healing in 2017 and completed a further course in March 2019.

Everything that exists has a vibrational energy from the particles that compose it, so the sound healing instruments complement the Reiki, as they help to re-balance energy fields but do so with the use of vibration at different frequencies. Many of us listen to music as a healing tool, and it is the energetic vibrations in the sound that resonate with our own energy that provide the healing effect!

I use a sound bowl and various tuning forks for sound healing during the ‘Reiki with Sound’ treatments, in addition to the peaceful music that plays in the background during Reiki treatments. I also have some hand drums if you feel you would benefit from some drumming at the end, either listening to some or drumming yourself!

Personally, I feel the sound healing adds to the overall relaxation experience, but that may not be the case for everyone so I will give you the option!

sound healing instruments
My sound healing instruments! (Photo Copyright Gemma Fletcher)

During your Reiki/’Reiki with Sound’ treatment, I will be gently placing my hands on or just above you, in non-obtrusive positions, covering from head to toe on both sides of your body. For ‘Reiki with Sound’ treatments, after I have treated your front with Reiki, I will spend a short time using sound healing instruments such as a singing bowl and tuning forks, before asking you to turn over and then treat the back of you with Reiki followed by more sound healing.

I am a natural spiritual healer which means if necessary, I can call upon, communicate with and channel healing guides from within the spiritual planes whilst treating clients. This involves me working intuitively whilst allowing spirit to work with me and use advanced treatment techniques taught at the Master Healer level. My treatments will therefore be less rigid and more individual and tailored to each clients specific needs, whether physical, emotional, mental or spiritual.

Dual Reiki with Sound

Also on offer is the opportunity for a ‘Reiki with Sound’ treatment with two practitioners together! I perform ‘Reiki with Sound’ treatments in tandem with another therapist, Jessica, as well as on my own. Jessica is also trained in sound healing, as well as levels 1 and 2 Reiki.

These treatments involve Reiki with the sound healing instruments, but we would both be working on you at the same time, on different areas. This means that not only will you have the benefit of two practitioners working side by side combining their energies and skills, but we can achieve more in a shorter time.

It is likely that you will gain some benefit from one Reiki/Reiki with Sound treatment. However, regular Reiki/Reiki with Sound sessions are highly recommended because the effects build up and become more long-lasting.

Please get in touch via the contact form if you have any further questions regarding these treatments.


Reiki (Approx 1 hour) £30

Reiki with Sound (Approx 1 hour) £35

Dual Reiki with Sound (Approx 1 hour) £45

(All sessions are by appointment only and include consultation time. However, please allow extra time for your first appointment with me/us as the initial consultation will be more detailed.)

Distance Reiki (Humans AND Animals)

Because Reiki is such an ‘intelligent’ energy, it can be sent over distance, as well as to the future or back to the past. This is very effective in helping to heal past traumas or helping future situations. It works by intention and focus. Our thoughts and intentions are extremely powerful, and people often underestimate how easily they can manifest things simply through their own thoughts, feelings and mindset! Therefore, Reiki can be sent to a person or animal in the same room, or to a person or animal on the other side of the world!

I can offer you or your pet a 20-minute distant Reiki session. I will need to arrange a time with you for me to send the Reiki, and if you wish to tune in while I do it, I ask that you or your pet are as comfortable and as free from distraction as possible! I am happy for you to provide me with details of any specific physical, mental, emotional or spiritual issue that you would like me to focus on (either past, present or future), but please remember the Reiki knows where it needs to go! If not, I will just focus on a more general all over session. When complete, I will contact you to let you know I have done the treatment, along with any feedback I have for you.

I kindly ask that you provide me with the name, age, and a recent photograph (optional – not necessary but would help the connection) of yourself or your pet, to help me connect for the treatment.

I will either send Reiki through meditational visualisation alone, or by using what is known as a ‘Crystal Grid’ (taught at Master level Reiki) which involves intuitively selecting healing crystals for the individual to aid the sending and focus of the distance healing. If I use this method I will include a photo with the feedback, of the crystals I was drawn to and used.

If you would like to book a distant Reiki session, please send me a message via my contact form before paying. I will then get in touch with some further information and if you are still happy to proceed, you can pay by clicking on the link below. The link will take you to Paypal where you can pay using a Paypal account or by card. Once you have paid, send me another message via my contact form and I will get in touch again to arrange the treatment. I will send you an invoice receipt as proof of purchase.

Please note, due to the nature of this service, I do not provide refunds once I have performed the treatments.

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Reiki Distant Healing Symbol on a Stone

20-minute Distant Reiki Session (Human or Animal)

Please get in touch with me via my contact form before paying.


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