Photo Shoots

gem a photographer taking a photo with a DSLR canon camera

I have been a keen photographer for many years now, both with my smartphone and my DSLR camera. My photography is represented by both Shutterstock and Alamy, whom I contribute to as a stock image photographer. This allows my work to be sold online around the world for commercial and editorial use. You can view one of my portfolios by clicking the button below:

You can see the best of my latest work first by following me on Facebook.

I also sell some of my work as canvas prints and other gifts/home-decor items. To view these, please take a look at my Shop page and Pug Gifts page. (If you would prefer any other photo from my portfolio on a canvas print or gift item, then please get in touch!)

Portrait Photography


My photography equipment includes lighting and a number of backdrops, and I have some space in my studio in which to set these up, so I am now offering the opportunity for photo shoots.

I am able to take portrait style photos of your children or your pet (providing you accompany them and they are likely to be willing to pose!), but unfortunately the space is limited, so due to height restrictions I will have to limit the photographing of adults or tall teenagers, to shots where they are sat down, kneeling etc. I will also have to limit the photo shoots to a maximum of two subjects at a time.

With any studio photo shoot I do, if you would prefer, I will sit and show you the images before you leave so you can select your favourites. In the following days I will then make any minor editing adjustments I deem necessary for optimum quality before sending them to you.

portrait photography equipment set up in a studio
Portrait photography equipment set up in my studio

I am also able to offer portrait style photo shoots outdoors, for people or animals. If you want a natural setting for some posed photographs, then this is a good alternative to the indoor portrait shoots with the plain backdrops.

Event Photography

I am also happy to be a photographer at events, or provide photo shoots outdoors on location. Some examples of this might be weddings, parties, and romantic or family photo shoots in a holiday location such as a forest.

This would not involve me bringing my studio equipment, it would just be me, my camera and my lenses!

sample of gems work as a wedding photographer. hands of bride and groom wearing wedding rings over marriage register.

I am aware that everyone will have different requirements from a photo shoot, so rather than come up with a long list of packages, I have decided that I will provide a tailor-made service, at a reasonable cost, to meet your requirements as far as I can.

If you are interested, please get in touch via the contact form providing as much information as possible. Some things to consider might be: the date, the occasion, the amount of people, how many hours you would need me for, how many images you would like, whether you want them e-mailed, on a memory stick, or printed, and whether you would like to direct the shoot yourself with your own ideas, or allow me and the creative team of people I have around me to take care of this!

I will get back to you with a quote as soon as possible. If you then wish to proceed, a non-refundable deposit will be required to secure the shoot.

To see examples of my photo shoots please follow me on social media and I will showcase some of the work when I receive permissions from customers. You can see more from me if you are on Facebook, by liking my page Little Gem Talents

I look forward to hearing from you 🙂

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