Distant Mediumship

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Generally I prefer to do my Mediumship (follow the link for a more in-depth description) sessions in person, but it can also be done distantly. In addition, if there is someone specific you would like to hear from, and you are happy to wait a few days, this can be a better way of doing it!

Once they have passed over, our loved ones are only able to be in one place at one time. Because of this, I offer distant mediumship, as the extra time will give me the opportunity to try more than once to contact a specific loved one if I am unable to connect with them straight away.

However, a connection to a specific loved one, or to spirit in general is not guaranteed, and there are several reasons for this, including:

1) The connection between the medium and spirit is not as strong distantly as it is with face to face mediumship, because with face to face mediumship, the loved ones come along with the client, so their energy is in the room.

2) The loved one in question may not be ready to come through yet. There may be healing that needs to be done on their part and/or the part of the client first.

3) The client is not truly ready to hear from their loved one yet, and the messages that may be brought through, so spirit protects them by blocking the connection or bringing through somebody different as a messenger instead.

4) Some spirits are louder and more forceful than others (just like on the earth plane!), and your loved one may struggle to come through when faced with this.

Because of this, I will not charge you until you have accepted my initial impressions. I will tune in and then send you details of the person I am getting. If you agree this is your specific loved one, or you feel it is someone you can recognise and are happy to hear from them, then I will then ask for payment before continuing with messages for you.

If you are interested in distant mediumship then please contact me before paying, and tell me the name of the person and their relationship to you. A photograph may help my connection later if it isn’t very strong, but it is not compulsory to begin with. Please don’t give me lots of information initially! It is my job to give this to you!! I will then attempt to connect to your loved ones and get back to you with a few bits of information which will hopefully act as evidence. If you feel I have made the connection and you wish for me to go ahead, I will then ask you to make the payment for the service, which will be £30. This can be done either by bank transfer or through Paypal, by clicking on the link below. The link will take you to Paypal where you can pay using a Paypal account or by card. Once you have paid, send me another message via my contact form and I will send you an invoice receipt as proof of purchase. After I have conducted the distant mediumship session, I will get back in touch with you with a detailed explanation of what I saw, heard and felt.

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Legal Disclaimer:

Due to the nature of this type of work, I cannot guarantee a connection to your loved ones or to a specific loved one. If I am unable to connect or to provide adequate evidence that you are happy with, then I will not charge you for the session, or I will instead offer you an Angel Card Reading. All information and/or advice given should not take the place of any medical, legal, financial or other advice given to you by any qualified professional. You must be 18 years of age or older to request a session from me, and consider yourself to be of stable mental and emotional health. Please remember you have free will and therefore I will not be held liable for any decisions or consequences of decisions you make after having received your reading.

Please note, due to the nature of this service, I am unable to provide refunds once evidence has been accepted.

Distant Mediumship

Please get in touch with me via my contact form before paying.


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