Animal Communication

photo of gem doing animal communication with her pug dog
Photo Copyright Oliver Freeman/Gemma Fletcher

Animal Communication

Like many people, I would describe myself as an animal lover. I am particularly fond of dogs and cats and have been a ‘mum’ to both myself. I am drawn to animals because of their loyalty, their ability to love unconditionally, and their ability to heal us.

On the earth plane, most people see animals as inferior to humans. However, in the spiritual planes, animal souls are equal to, if not superior to human souls. The reason for this is that animals find it so much easier to embrace the authentic soul essence of love than humans do, due to the egocentric, fear-based, conditioning that goes on with the human-kind collective.

Therefore, animals are not only powerful healers, but they are powerful spirit animals and ‘way-showers’ for us humans, and I believe they should be treated accordingly.

Animals have souls and feelings just like we do, and unfortunately what many people do not realise is that they are able to understand us and communicate with us a lot more than we give them credit for! They can see and sense things that many humans cannot. They not only hear and understand most of our words, but they read our energy.

I discovered that I was able to communicate with animals back in 2014 whilst on my Equine Reiki course. Unfortunately, I then forgot about it until early 2018 and by then my cat had passed away, so it was too late for him, but I now use this skill to communicate with my dog Gus, and I talk to my cat who passed on in a mediumship style way instead.

Communicating with animals uses largely the same skill set as mediumship. I can do this face to face or simply by making a connection using a photo of them where they are looking at the camera. They communicate with me by showing me images, speaking to me through thoughts, or by showing me their pain in my own body. Animals read our energy really well. So if we are happy, calm and full of love, they will be much more drawn to us!

Talking to animals can be amusing! The happier ones do tend to have a simple, childlike outlook and humour to them!

I am hoping to be able to offer this service professionally later this year once I have completed the training required, so please keep checking back. If you follow me on social media, I will post updates as soon as this is available. You can see and read more from me if you are on Facebook, by liking my page Little Gem Talents

Photo Copyright Gemma Fletcher

Animal Reiki

Because animals can heal us using their energy, it is kind to help them replenish it so that they do not become too drained and exhausted.

Reiki is the practice of channeling universal energy into our energy fields in order to balance them out and remove blockages. It can be done on both humans and animals, and animals love it!

I have been trained in Animal Reiki since 2014, and I am planning to offer this in person later this year alongside the Animal Communication. Like the Animal Communication, this can also be done distantly, so in the meantime, I can offer distant Reiki for your pet! If you are interested, please click on my ‘Reiki’ page and scroll down to the section near the bottom on ‘Distance Reiki’.

For updates on when Animal Communication and Animal Reiki in person will be available, please keep checking back, or follow me on social media. In the meantime, why not come for a Reiki treatment for yourself?!

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